The Green Glow In The Dark Slime

I was a hot day at  school and a scientist came to our school. When we went to the scientist he got  overwhelmed because my whole class was there. When we got in there we started making some green slime that glows in the dark. The way we made the slime was weird because he put some weird  spices in it. When we started playing with the green glow in the dark slime you wouldn’t even know that there were spices in it. When the scientist left we were allowed to take our green slime home. When I took the slime home my Mum made me throw it in the bin.

The Pink Fluffy Glasses

It was the 1st of October and me and my family went to my grandparents house. When we got grandma said that she had a old box full of  thing from when she was younger. My grandma  and I  went into the garage to get the old box but we couldn’t find it. So we had to go look under the stairs and the box was at the back of the stair case. We moved all the boxes and then we opened the box. At the bottom of the box was these pink fluffy glasses that she wore when she was younger and she said I could have them.

The Fancy Building

I was a dark foggy day and I was exploring through the bush. All of a sudden I ran into this wall I looked around the building and I found a window. I looked through the window on the other side was a door. I walked around to the other side. The door was unlocked I walked in side. I was this fancy building I suddenly heard   foot steps they were getting louder and louder. I then Heard a voice “hello is anyone there” I ran. I ran around the corner and went home I didn’t want to go back.

The explosive bang

It was early in the morning and all of a sudden I herd a ”bang”. I got up but no one woke up I herd it again it sounded explosive bomb. I ran to wake my parents up because they didn’t hear it. So I went outside to get my dog but I couldn’t find him. I searched the back yard I found him under the bush so I brought  him in side. He came inside and hid under my bed finally my parents woke up. They got up and checked the house they said “nothing is there” and they told me to go to bed so I did.

New Years Eve

It was late at knight on new years eve. There were loud bangs coming from every where. I would try to sleep but then there was another bang. It was happening all the time. My best mate lived in the backyard too. We dragged our beds so that they were next to each other. All of a sudden there was another loud bang this  was very terrifying. I tried scratching at the back door but no one was home. My mate and I went around to the other door and luckily the doggy door was open. We ran inside and hid under my humans bed.

My Birthday

It Was early in the morning on my birthday. I went to my parents room to wake them up but they said that it was too early and that I had to go back to bed. I tried to go back to bed but I was so excited. 1 hour later my parents woke up and we opened presents we then went out for breakfast I got bacon and eggs. We went back home and after lunch we went to see world for the day. We went around and saw all of the animals my favourite animal was the penguins. I had the best day ever my day was phenomenal.


Cleaning my bedroom

It was the 5th of December and I was at home and Mum asked me to clean my bedroom but I didn’t want to Mum asked me again but I said” I will do it next time. 3 weeks later Mum asked me to do it but I didn’t want to Mum said that I had to do it. I ended up cleaning my bedroom after I had finished cleaning my bedroom I found this old box of things that was from when I was a baby. Mum went to the cupboard and mum got more boxes from when I was a baby.

The Blue Vehicle

I was at the traffic lights when I saw this old man in the blue vehicle Next to me. He had the music so loud I couldn’t here the music that was playing in my vehicle. The car started going very slowly and then he pulled over to the side of the road. This car vas very old but it looked very interesting so I pulled over too. I got out of my car and so did he when I was fixing his car he looked up into the tree and there was a furry Kola that climbed up the tree.

The Old Statue

It was a early morning and I was in the car with Mum. Mum and I drove past this old statue but it was a very old. When we got home I went to take the dog on a walk when we walked past that old statue the dog was very interested in it. When we tried walking away from the statue the dog didn’t want to leave the statue. When I was standing with the dog  there was a dog that was there to. The only way I could take my dog away was by lifting her so I just took her home.

New House

It was late afternoon when I moved into a new house. That afternoon I headed to the local shops to get some food for dinner. I didn’t know my way around, “which way to the shops” I panted. I got out my phone to get a map up but the shops were closed and I was an hour away. I needed food so I got in my car and started driving to another shop. On my way there I stopped at my mums house and decided her food was good enough. I crashed at my mums house for the night.