The frightening child

It was a hot humid day in Australia and in a distance I saw a child kicked a brown balloon.I had never seen a child kick a balloon it was quite frightening. I hoped that the child wouldn’t come to me. He started coming closer to me so I ran in the opposite direction I hid behind a tree so he couldn’t see me. I weighted 15 minutes to watch him but he was still kicking the balloon I was sill very scared so I ran out behind the bush back home to tell  my mum and dad but they said that there was nothing to be scared of.

The foggy day

It was a foggy day and in couldn’t see any thing  and I went out to the rubbish bin with my dog. my mum was standing at the door and my dog came with me. I put the bin on the foot path. When my mum said but where did it go?’ she shouted we walked back to the door and called her name “Lola”. But she didn’t come so I went out to the bush behind our house. We called her name again and we heard the leaves ruffling. We saw this white thing coming closer and it was Lola.

The lost dog

One day I was outside walking and I saw this little dog, he looked lost so I walked up to him.  I put my hand out to see if  he would trust me but he ran, so I slowly walked up to him again to see if he had a name tag on his collar.  He didn’t have one on him so I tried to pick him up but it was heaver then I expected. So I tried to see if he would follow me and he did. I took him home and showed my parents, they put an advertisment on social media and someone owned him.

The yellow bike

I was  walking when I saw this yellow bike. I tried to get the bike but it was tied to a pole. The next day I was walking and the bike was gone.The next day went bye and I was walking home from school and the bike was still not there I looked in the bush behind it and it was still not there  I went home and told my parents about it but they didn’t care. When the next day came I was out all afternoon after school and I found the bike and took it home to show my parents and they said that I could keep it.

The tree

As the fog threw the air blinds me I ran into this human like tree.  I stumbled to the ground and hurt my leg. I yelled “help help” but there was no response till the tree started moving then I heard this deep voice “sorry I can’t help you” then I the leaves ruffling and then I saw a dark shadow. The shadow started moving towards me so I tried to get up but I was tangled in vines so I grabbed a stick and cut the vines with the sharp  part of the stick. The shadow got closer and closer it was a man on a horse so he helped me.