Cleaning my bedroom

It was the 5th of December and I was at home and Mum asked me to clean my bedroom but I didn’t want to Mum asked me again but I said” I will do it next time. 3 weeks later Mum asked me to do it but I didn’t want to Mum said that I had to do it. I ended up cleaning my bedroom after I had finished cleaning my bedroom I found this old box of things that was from when I was a baby. Mum went to the cupboard and mum got more boxes from when I was a baby.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning my bedroom”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Kayla. As a mum, I always engage with writing that is about children cleaning their bedrooms! I can see you put a lot of effort into using conjunctions, so that your text had longer sentences. I think your writing would be improved if you edited for accurate punctuation (or asked a friend to help you) before you publish. Accurate punctuation helps your reader to engage with, and to understand your writing. 😊

  2. Hello Kayla,

    Yes, cleaning a room might not be something we want to do but it is something we need to do. I know the feeling and also how good it can feel to achieve the task. For you, the reward was finding some baby memorabilia and your mother showing you more. Cleaning your room.. well worth it.

    Keep writing and sharing.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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