New Years Eve

It was late at knight on new years eve. There were loud bangs coming from every where. I would try to sleep but then there was another bang. It was happening all the time. My best mate lived in the backyard too. We dragged our beds so that they were next to each other. All of a sudden there was another loud bang this  was very terrifying. I tried scratching at the back door but no one was home. My mate and I went around to the other door and luckily the doggy door was open. We ran inside and hid under my humans bed.

One thought on “New Years Eve”

  1. Hi Kayla,

    Oh yes, New Year’s Eve is truly terrifying for many of our furry friends.

    I really enjoyed how your story was written from the dog’s perspective. It was very cleverly done!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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